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A successful logo design should be simple, clean, unique, memorable and timeless.

It should, ideally but not always, work in mono (black on white, white on black) and be readable as a small icon as well as being scalable to any size.

Designing a logo takes time. There is a process of research, brainstorming, sketching, creating concepts, testing and implementation.

Your logo may have variations of different colours for different use. It may also have a smaller version(s) for different uses, in a website icon for example.

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Logo Design Process

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Provide us with a brief. Tell us as much as possible about your company, your ideas, your ideal customers & clients, your goals, your fears and your plans.

Brainstorming & Sketching
With pencil and paper we begin sketching out logo ideas.
From the sketches we can begin creating some logo concepts for your feedback.
Design & Testing
How does your logo look on a website? On your social media? As an app icon? On clothing? On stationery?

Let’s find out.

Implementation & Delivery
Once you’re happy with the logo design you’ll receive your logo in jpg, png, pdf, eps and svg format. You can download your logos and we can store them online for you for easy access.

We’ll also provide your new logo within formats required such as social media profile images, cover photos, stationery, graphics to use on blogs and social media etc.

You also have the option of receiving a logo style tile or brand identity guideline brochure.

A logo style tile is often a simple one page PDF showing your logo in all it’s formats with fonts used (if any) and colour references.

A brand identity guideline is a multi-page PDF brochure showing how your logo and related elements should be used for best practice.

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Logo Design Benefits

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A new logo should a great investment and something you’re proud of.

It should give you a clear identity, project the correct image and be easily recognisable.

  • Professional Image
  • Clear Identity
  • Recognisable
  • Timeless
  • Stand Out
  • Make an impression

We advise between 1 and 3 weeks for most logo design projects.

If you have an existing logo that needs a refresh we’re happy to see if we can help too.

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Logo Design Examples

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Professional Logo Design Company

Logo Design Prices

Logo Design Prices

There are many variables and options when designing a logo or creating a brand identity.

We have provided a price guide to give you an idea of the type of investment required.

Logo Design
Your logo in jpg, png, pdf, eps and svg format.
Includes a style tile.
From £1,000 – £1,500 +
Brand Identity Guidelines
A multi-page brochure showing how your logo and related elements should be used for best practice.
From £1,500 +