Professional Web Design Company
Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design Company

At novobarn building websites is what we specialise in. And, we don’t want to just build a website for you.
We want to work with you for the long-run, as you evolve and grow. We want to continue to work with you to get the most out of your new website and maximise your online marketing success.

Our full range of services go beyond just web design, we can help you with your entire online presence – and off-line marketing too.

Your website is often where you make your first impression.
Let’s make a great first impression…

Professional Web Design Company

Professional Web Design Process

Professional Web Design Company

Discovery & Planning
The first stage of any new website project is planning.

We create a page plan for all the pages you’ll need.

Following on from thorough keyword research we can outline the content required and identify the pages that are going to generate the most traffic.

Not just any traffic though, traffic with intent. Traffic that is most likely to turn into enquiries and customers.

During discovery we also outline goals, define success and create plan to get there.

Our discovery phase also takes us to finding what features, usability and experiences are going to be most suited to your target demographic.

The more information you provide us about your business and customers the better the planning and execution will be.
We’ll also do some heavy research into your competitors, which give use valuable insight into your industry.

The website design phase is where we create images of what your home page and other key pages will look like.
This is an exiting stage of the process as you can begin to see what your new website will look like and we encourage you to provide feedback and be a part of the process.
The website development phase is where we turn the images from the web design phase into a working website. The hand-off from design to development isn’t final. A collaboration between the two always takes place as both the design and development evolve.
During Website Development we’ll write our own code for your theme, this keeps it clean and fast-loading.
You will have access to the site while it is in development to see how it works and feels. Your feedback is always encouraged.
Launch, Manage & Grow
Launching your website is still only part of the beginning.
In some regards a website is never finished as it is always evolving and growing.
At novobarn we are here to manage your website for you.
Our Website Management service is specifically dedicated to this.
We’re also here for you to help market your website and to the most out of it.
Professional Website Development

Professional Web Design Features

Professional Web Design Company

We believe that your website should look great, the colours should be just right, the spacing, the fonts, the images and everything your visitor sees should be a perfect reflection of your company.

But, a great website goes beyond that. We code our own themes so that they load as fast as possible. We optimise images for fastest loading times and, along with your content and meta data, we ensure every page is search engine friendly.

With all our website packages we offer..

  • Bespoke themes, hand-made by ourselves.
  • Super fast, secure and reliable hosting.
  • Responsive – looks great on all modern devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Analytics & Visitor Stats.
  • Custom Graphic Design.
  • Links to Social Media.
  • Blog with Blog Assistance.
  • Reviews.
  • Maps.
  • Web Forms, with..
  • Personalised “Thank You” Pages.
  • Domains & emails/

Every website project is different so we’re flexible and ready for anything we can do to make your new website a thriving success.

Website Design Company
Professional Web Design Portfolio

Professional Web Design Company

Professional Web Designer

Professional Web Design Prices

Professional Web Design Prices

We understand that it can be frustrating when you’re searching online for products or services and can’t get an idea of price. Pricing for services, especially design services can be very difficult as there is often many variables to take into consideration.

With this in mind, we have decided to display price guides on our website. Your project, depending on your requirements, may vary, more or less.

We offer fixed pricing solutions. We can also offer you an estimate and work with an agreed hourly rate.

Prior to starting any project we will send you either a quote, a proposal or an estimate. All slightly different but all showing the work to be carried out by novobarn, timescales, requirements and what is not included.

Discovery & Planning
For larger, bespoke projects it is best to have a clear plan. The plan is created during discovery.
The discovery phase creates a plan for your website project which gives us a clear vision of what work, timescales and investment is required.
We offer our Website Discovery & Planning phase as a standalone service.
From £1,500
Website Design is often referred to, and regarded as, a full website building service. However, strictly speaking, design is the creation of a collection of images showing how it would look – with instructions on any specific features.
Our Web Design service includes creating mock-ups in desktop, tablet and phone sizes – so you’ll see how your website will look on all devices.
From £1,500
Website Development is when we’re coding, building and testing your website
From £1,500
Launch, Manage & Grow
We have a range of services to host, manage, edit, market and advertise your website.
From £100 per month.
Fully Bespoke One to Three Page Website
Perfect if you’re looking for a bespoke design for a small website.
From £2,500
Pre-designed One Page Website with Blog
We offer a pre-designed one page website with a blog – saving you time and money.
From £1,950 and £100 per month
Pre-designed Five+ Page Website with Blog
Just like our one page website above, we offer this pre-designed website with a blog.
From £4,500 and £100 per month
Fully Bespoke multi-page Website
This package incorporates a full Website Discovery, Website Design and Website Development phase.
The result is a totally unique, bespoke website.
From £4,500 and £100 per month
For marketing and advertising your website and services please view our online marketing and advertising page to see how we can help.